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front of shop, wide

Magic Touch Styling Salon was established August 18, 1983.

I opened my hair styling salon in Lower Providence Township, 4011 Germantown Pike, when I was 24 years old. In 1986 I was offered a lease purchase on 651 Gravel Pike, a 3 story commercial property. The shop was housed on the first floor, with 2 apartments above.  The business remained at that location for 20 years. I was afforded the opportunity to buy a home suited for my Salon in 2005. The property was perfect. Nestled on the corner of Willow and Maple, with an oversize two car garage. Plenty of room for Gardens…..

House before


House afterAfter

House now






Her Gardens were created to provide Nature a place to land. Plans were made and executed to provide miniature eco-systems to attract Birds and Butterflies. Food, water, and shelter are the necessary elements needed to create an environment for Nature.

Monarch in the Garden @ Magic Touch & Her GardensFlowers provide food, nectar and seeds.

back pond wtext

Ponds and Water Features  provide water.

First Garden

Shrubs and Trees provide Shelter.



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